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The Glen Rock Recreation Board is dedicated to preserving, managing, maintaining and protecting the Glen Rock Park and acquiring park lands so we may offer a wide variety of leisure and recreation opportunities to the Glen Rock community.


The Rec Board meets on the Third (3rd) Tuesday of each month. All residents of Glen Rock are welcome to join us at any time.


Meetings in 2022 will be held online via Google Meet :

In person meetings will be held April - October weather permitting at the park pavilion. Please check our Facebook account for up to date information.


To become a responsible and voting member of the Rec Board please fill out the volunteer form below and send a hard copy or email to:


Glen Rock Borough

P.O. Box 116
Glen Rock, PA 17327

Fax: 717-235-0798


Members of the Rec Board have to be approved by the Glen Rock Borough Council.




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Sarah Frane


Sarah joined the rec board in 2018 and immediately made an impact with her love of hosting dog park and playground events. Sarah is also the first person to come to the park whenever assistance is needed.


Ali Collier


Ali has been a board member since 2017. She enjoys helping to promote park events and working on the summer playground program.

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Michelle Siesko


Michelle is a super volunteer and loves to help out whenever she can. She uses her connections from her many projects to help us help you!


Madison Schreyer


Madison recently joined the rec board and has already taken the initiative to start many new projects at the park. 


Jim Merrick

Vice Chairperson

Jim re-joined the board in mid-2019. He is a former member of the borough council and an avid tennis player. He's very good at accomplishing tasks that improve our park such as mending the tennis courts and upgrading our video security system.

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