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Facility Use Rules and Regulations

The use of Glen Rock Borough facilities requires approval by the Recreation Board and adherence to the rules and regulations of the facility. Such permission must be obtained for all events on or at a Glen Rock Borough owned facility, including, but not limited to, parades, processions, races, festivals, sporting events, nonprofit gatherings, sport education events, and other recreational activities at the Glen Rock Park or other Glen Rock properties.

The applicant is required to fill out the Facilities Use application and sign the Indemnification and Agreement before use of the property approved. Insurance required prior to obtaining permission.

Clean up: It will be the responsibility of the applicant to remove any event signs they have posted and remove all equipment, materials, and debris left as a result of the event. Cleanup must be completed within 4 hours of the termination of the event. The applicant will be responsible for reimbursing Glen Rock Borough for cleanup costs if this section is not adhered to.

Proof of Insurance: Any group or organization, organized nonprofit or otherwise using the facility must provide proof of insurance as follows:

  • Each Occurrence Limit    $1,000,000.00

  • General Aggregate Limit (applied per location)    $2,000,000.00

  • Personal & Advertising Injury Limit   $1,000,000.00

  • Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limit   $2,000,000.00

  • Fire Damage Limit - Any one fire    $100,000.00

  • Medical Expense Limit - Any one person    $5,000.00

This certificate of insurance must be provided prior to the event or activity for which the permit is requested. Individuals using the facility shall provide proof of homeowners’ insurance.

Indemnification: The User/Renter agrees to defend and hold harmless Glen Rock Borough, a municipal corporation and its elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers and agents against any and all damages, fines, suits, claims, demands, expenses (including, without limitations, reasonable attorneys' fees and litigation expenses), commenced or threatened actions, losses, claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, alleged losses, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) or any natures whatsoever, made against or incurred by Glen Rock Borough and or its agents, servants, contractors, employees, representatives, concessionaries and invitees, either directly or indirectly, either in law or in equity pain, suffered or incurred, by reason or personal injury, including bodily injury or death, property damage or the loss of use thereof, which is associated, derived or resulting from the rental or use of Renter, its employees, agents, guests, servants, and/or invitees, of Glen Rock Borough's property/facilities. Such indemnity shall include such further sums in excess of those contained in any insurance policy procured by the users relating to the use of the Glen Rock Borough property of for such other amount as may not be payable under any insurance policy. The policy must provide limits as stated above.

Other restrictions / Special Requests: ​

  • Gas Grills are permitted only with prior permission.

  • All portable play structures are prohibited i.e. bounce house, trampoline, etc...

  • No cars shall be permitted to park on any grassy area without prior permission.

  • Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on park grounds.

  • Trash bags are provided. All trash must be placed in dumpsters before you leave the park.

  • All special requests must be made 30 days prior to the reservation date.

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