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To reserve your plot, expand the layout picture and select the plot number you would like from the drop down menu. If it is greyed out and won't let you select it then it has already been rented.


2024 Community Garden Schedule:

February - Plot Rental Opens

March - Friends of Glen Rock Borough Plant Sale Begins

April 1st- Garden Opens for the Season

May - October - First Monday Garden Chats 5pm at Main St Market

May 12- Plant Sale Pick Up at Main St Market

May - October - Garden Market Sales Opportunity at Glen Rock Farmers Market

October 2024 - End of season community clean up

The Community Garden at the Glen Rock Park offers our community members the opportunity to grow fresh, chemical-free food in the company of their neighbors and other enthusiastic gardeners. Gardeners are invited to sell their extras at the Glen Rock Farmers Market on Sundays Memorial through Halloween.


Garden plots are rented annually from April 1st through October 31. Each plot measures approximately 20 x 20 feet. Plots are assigned on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Returning gardeners will retain their previous plots unless otherwise requested.


  • The annual fee for one 20' x 20' plot is $35
  • 1 plot per family until June 1st to give opportunites to all who want one
  • Your completion of this purchase is your signature of agreement to the Glen Rock Park rules and responsibilities

Community Gardener Responsibilities

Ecological Gardening:

  • Community gardens must be managed in an ecologically responsible way. The use of chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers is not permitted. Organically approved herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizer products are allowed. If you are not sure if something is allowed, please do not use it.

  • Use of unauthorized chemical products is grounds for immediate cancellation of the rental agreement.


  • Gardeners are responsible to weed and properly manage their gardens and keep outside plot borders weeded.

  • Weeds are a valuable source of nutrients when dropped in place within your plot and used as mulch. If you choose to remove them, they must be removed from the park premises and disposed of responsibly. Neither plant matter or stones are to be thrown outside the edges of your plot or in any other common area such as paths or driving lanes.

Crop Planting:

  • Tall crops should be planted where they will not shade neighboring plots. Vining plants should be contained within the plot borders.

Storage on garden sites:

  • A small, shared storage area with shared tools will be available to all renters. Renters agree to return all borrowed tools and take all of your tools with you.  

Water Usage:

  • Water is available from the faucet at the bathroom building. Renters will have access to the handle to turn on the faucet and are responsible for returning the faucet handle and ensuring the water is turned off.

  • Only hand watering (cans or buckets) is permitted. Hoses will be provided to assist with watering.

  • Watering containers must be covered or turned upside down after use. To prevent the creation of habitat for mosquito larvae, no standing water is permitted in the garden area.

Border Fencing:

  • Temporary fencing of plots is allowed but must fall inside the outer 6” border of the plot.

  • Weeding must be done on outside edge of fencing.


  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed within the garden area. 

  • Trash and litter are to be cleaned from plots, adjacent pathways, and disposed of properly.

  • Loud music is prohibited in the garden plot area.

  • Smoking cigarettes is prohibited in the gardens area.

Rental Leave:

  • If for any reason a plot must be abandoned, the gardener shall notify the Glen Rock Rec Board immediately at

  • If a plot becomes unkempt, the gardener will be given one week’s notice to clean it up. If clean up does not occur within the one-week time frame, the plot will be considered abandoned, and will be reassigned to another gardener.

  • No refunds

  • If not renewing for the following season, gardeners must remove any intact straw bales, all non-biodegradable material (i.e., stakes, fence, wire, lumber, ground covers), and any perennials from the garden.  


  • The User/Renter agrees to defend and hold harmless Glen Rock Borough, a municipal corporation and its elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers and agents against any and all damages, fines, suits, claims, demands, expenses (including, without limitations, reasonable attorneys' fees and litigation expenses), commenced or threatened actions, losses, claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, alleged losses, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) or any natures whatsoever, made against or incurred by Glen Rock Borough and or its agents, servants, contractors, employees, representatives, concessionaries and invitees, either directly or indirectly, either in law or in equity pain, suffered or incurred, by reason or personal injury, including bodily injury or death, property damage or the loss of use thereof, which is associated, derived or resulting from the rental or use of Renter, its employees, agents, guests, servants, and/or invitees, of Glen Rock Borough's property/facilities. 



Community Gardens Plot Registration 2024

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